Home Remedy for Shrinking Simple Renal Cyst without Surgery

2017-03-15 17:04

Home Remedy for Shrinking Simple Renal Cyst without SurgeryIn general, simple Renal Cyst is commonly found in human, especially elderly adults. With the growth of cyst, patients may suffer from back pain, hematuria, etc. In this case, doctor may ask biopsy or other surgery. But some home remedies are also helpful no surgery.

What are the home remedies for shrinking renal cyst no surgery?

- Drink enough water

Enough water can increase your urine output to remove out more wastes and toxins. In this way, water can help relieve kidney infection problem. However, it can not repair kidney damage from the root.

- Supplement necessary vitamin E, C, etc.

Raw fruits and vegetables can provide the substances you need, which can help increase your immunity to prevent inflammation and induce other complications.

- Keep good habits in daily life

The good habits like do exercise properly or keep away from smoking, drinking alcohol. Bending movements may cause cyst rupture, leading to inflammation or infection. Smoking and other bad habits will increase the toxins and wastes in the body that stimulate kidney cysts to enlarge.

- Most importantly, take timely and effective treatment.

Toxin-Removing Treatment is recommended to discharge the toxins and wastes in the body first so as to provide good condition and environment for self-healing of kidney and the further medication patients take.

The active materials of Chinese medicines can prevent the excretion of cystic fluid, produce the pressure difference between internal and external cyst to let fluid flow out naturally and shrink cysts. This therapy can also repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. It will reduce the kidney cyst relapse. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most popular one.

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