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2018-06-08 15:13

Kidney Cysts TreatmentIf there is any way to get rid of cyst naturally? Many Kidney Cyst patients may have this desire. In western medicine, there is not any method to treat kidney cyst when its size is little than 5 cm, and after its size is a little bigger, surgery will be used. In fact, surgery may cause damage to kidney, which will promote its progression in some degree.

As we know, kidney cyst is often related to gene disorder, such as PKD. It is impossible to solve this problem with our present medicine technology. What’s more, it is hard to control kidney cyst when it has progressed into a certain stage, so we should do something when the kidney cyst is small, and there are some methods that may be useful.

Western medicine may have no effective way to treat kidney cyst, but in traditional Chinese medicine, we can use Chinese herbal medicine and osmosis therapy of Chinese medicines to inactivate the epithelial cells of kidney cyst, which will inhibit the growth of kidney cyst. On the other hand, osmosis therapy of Chinese medicines can improve the blood circulation of kidney, and this can reduce the cyst fluid in some degree. Through this method, kidney cyst may be cleared when it is small, or at least, the kidney cyst can be shrunk to a relatively small size, which cannot cause any symptom or any damage to kidney.

Besides, to control the kidney cyst, patient must pay attention to their diet habit, because diet has a significant influence in patient’s health. Remember to take appropriate amount of protein, because excess protein can aggravate the burden of kidney. In addition, low amount of sodium is necessary, that is because sodium can cause edema. What’s more, vitamins are necessary to patient, which are important in protecting patient’s health, and they can be gotten from vegetables and fruits.

In addition, to shrink kidney cyst, patient should change their lifestyle. For example, patient should do exercise regularly, which is useful in improving their habitus. Having regular and enough rest is important to patient, and patient should remember to avoid tiredness.

In the end, we hope this article can help you, and if you have doubt, you can consult our online experts.

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