The Common Symptoms of Kidney Cysts

2017-01-21 13:55

The Common Symptoms of Kidney CystsFrankly speaking, most of the Kidney Cysts have no symptoms. However, the clinical symptoms of Kidney Cyst may happen on some patients because of cyst itself, increase in cyst internal pressure and infections.

In the following, there are some common symptoms of kidney cysts, and you can pay attention to them.

1. Blood in urine or hematuria: It is because there are lots of arteries under the cystic wall, when pressure increases or infections happen, the vessels may have rupture and hemorrhage because of the excessive traction. Waist pain is usually aggravated when blood in urine appears. The strenuous exercise, infections and wounds can induce or aggravate the blood in urine.

2. Waist, abdominal discomfort or pains: It is because the cysts enlarge and extend, which makes the tension of renal capsule increases, the kidney pedicle is to be tractived or the surrounding organs are oppressed. Besides, the kidneys will become heavy and get tenesmus because of the fluid in cysts, which can also cause the waist pains. The feature of the pain is dull pain. If there has bleeding in kidney cysts or secondary infections, the pain will be aggravated. Renal colic will occur if patients also have kidney stone or the blood clots block urinary tract.

3. Abdominal mass: The bigger the kidney is, the worse the kidney function.

4. Protein in urine or proteinuria: Generally speaking, the amount of protein will not be much. It will be less than 2g in 24-hours urine. So Nephrotic Syndrome will not occur.

5. High blood pressure: The enlarged kidney cysts oppress kidneys, which can cause renal ischemia and make rennin secretion increases, leading to high blood pressure. When the kidney function is abnormal, more than 50% of patients have had high blood pressure. The occurrence rate of high blood pressure will be higher when kidney function declines.

6. Decreased kidney function: The normal kidney tissues are damaged obviously and kidney function decreases gradually because kidney cysts oppress and occupy.

Thus if you get diagnosed with Kidney Cyst, it is essential for you to take proper and immediate treatments to inhibit the growth of cysts from the root. If you have any question about kidney cysts treatment, you can leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free.


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