Can The 3 Stage Of IgA Nephropathy Be Cured

2018-09-06 10:15

IgA Nephropathy,CuredIgA Nephropathy is a relatively special type of nephritis, which is mainly found among children and adolescents. When IgA nephropathy occurs, patients must be treated as soon as possible. Clinically, IgA nephropathy can be divided into 5 phases. By the third stage, the patient's condition will have some changes, before the onset of respiratory tract infection, the disease is mainly based on mesangial hyperplasia, there will be a chronic progressive course of disease. During the period of IgA third, the symptoms of patients will be more prominent. Can the 3 stage of IgA nephropathy be cured? By the time we reach Phase 3, we also need to take the time to treat, to avoid further development of the disease.

Manifestation of IgA nephropathy

Most patients with IgA nephropathy develop respiratory tract infections, which can lead to hematuria within hours or two days. Individual patients will have low back pain and abdominal pain symptoms, in clinical symptoms will also produce asymptomatic hematuria or proteinuria. It can also cause the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome, it can be divided into mild to moderate and severe, clinical staging is also different, then IgA nephropathy stage 3 can be cured? At this stage, we can not relax the mentality of treatment. As long as the patient can actively take treatment, it can still be completely controlled.

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