IgA Nephropathy with Elevated Creatinine After Transplant, How Do You Do

2017-12-25 13:38

IgA Nephropathy with Elevated Creatinine After Transplant, How Do You DoRecently more and more patients wonder how do they do when their kidney are damaged again after several years of Kidney Transplant. How do you do about IgA Nephropathy with Elevated Creatinine after transplant?

Transplanted Kidney

As a matter of fact, the transplanted kidney is just an artificial kidney that replaces your failure one to work. However, it is not your own kidney so that it will reject your body. Along with chronic rejection, it can only survive several years despite you have taken immunosuppressant agents to suppress the immune system.

In that case, you have to start Dialysis or do Transplant again for the failure kidney.

How do you do about IgA Nephropathy with elevated creatinine after transplant?

For elevated creatinine level, it means the transplanted kidney is damaged to some extent. Therefore, before it fails completely, you need to take proper treatment to help cleanse the wastes deposited in your blood out and repair the kidney damage to improve some of renal function from the root.

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment has been applied into kidney disease for many years and proven to be effective in repairing kidney lesion as well as improving renal function. As its name implies, it can help you cleanse your blood and kidneys to remove these wastes out via urine output, stool and sweat.

Through expanding blood vessels and improving blood circulation, the Chinese medicines can bring sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the kidneys so as to speed up kidney repair. Through about half of month of treatment, your elevated creatinine level will be reduced naturally. Along with the improvement of renal function, it will not elevate from the root.

Once you have high creatinine level after transplant, you have to take treatment timely to prevent it from failure completely. If you want to know more details about systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment, please leave a message in the below form or email medical reports to us or click ONLINE DOCTOR to get free information. We will do utmost to help you.

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