What Are The Clinical Symptoms Of iga Nephropathy

2018-09-27 11:45

iga Nephropathy,Clinical Symptoms1. Reversal of acute rapid gross hematuria:

(1) The patient had acute onset of gross hematuria as a sign of onset, and no history of abnormal urine test was found before.

(2) It is common in children. Hematuria is secondary to upper respiratory tract infection. A few patients are secondary to infection in digestive system, urinary system, skin and other parts. The interval time is usually 24-48 hours. Gross hematuria lasts for several hours to several days.

(3) In addition to gross hematuria, a small number of patients can also see similar clinical manifestations of acute nephritis, such as transient hypertension, proteinuria, elevated blood urea nitrogen, less acute oliguria-type renal failure syndrome, generally after treatment can be relieved.

(4) The appearance of the first gross hematuria marks the beginning of the disease, after which there may be varying degrees of proteinuria or microscopic hematuria. After the disappearance of naked-eye hematuria, about 60% of patients will appear again hematuria, recurrence is more common after respiratory tract infection, and susceptible to infectious diseases. The number of episodes was 1~20 times, and the interval between episodes increased with the increase of episodes.

2. Asymptomatic urine abnormalities:

Hematuria or proteinuria is often found during physical examination. Before this, hematuria or proteinuria can last a long time, but can not be determined. It is characterized by asymptomatic urinary abnormalities. Continuous or intermittent microscopic hematuria, mild proteinuria and occasional tubular type can be found through examination. Severe hypertension and chronic renal failure may occur in some patients.

In China, when patients have the symptoms that patients commonly take chinese herbal medicines to relieve. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is widely used to treat damaged kidney, which can achieve all symptoms disappear in 10-15 days. So iga Nephropathy can be treated well.

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