What Are The Ways To Treat Hypertensive Nephropathy

2018-10-13 09:55

Hypertensive Nephropathy1. Early, mild Hypertensive Nephropathy and normal urine routine can be non-drug treatment, maintain good mood, lose weight, limit salt, limit alcohol, exercise Qigong and Taijiquan, appropriate physical exercise and so on.

2. Malignant renal arteriosclerosis patients with rapid deterioration of renal function in the short term, in combination with hypertensive encephalopathy, rapid decline in vision, intracranial hemorrhage, and can not take oral drugs, intravenous administration, commonly used sodium nitroprusside, strive to control blood pressure in 12-24 hours. Long pressed can rapidly reduce blood pressure, suitable for the initial treatment of malignant hypertension, hypertensive nephropathy.

3. Selectable antihypertensive drugs: beta-blockers; diuretics; angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI); calcium antagonists.

4. Keep your stool unobstructed and treat hypertension. It is advisable to use Qing Ning pills and Mojia Qing Ning pills. Chinese medicine should be used in Bupleurum trifoliate orange soup, Gastrodia elata hook and so on.

5. Patients with hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hyperuricemia should be treated accordingly.

what are the Preventive measures for hypertensive nephropathy?

The age is above 40-50 years old, the history of hypertension is more than 5-10 years. If microalbumin is identified as an increase, it should be highly vigilant.

Increased nocturnal urine, proteinuria or transient hematuria. Renal function should be checked regularly and urine protein should be qualitative. 24 hours urine protein quantitation, pay attention to measuring blood pressure, do fundus examination.

Keep your bowels open.

Avoid exposure to heavy metals, toxic substances and drugs that may damage the kidneys.

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