How to Treat High Creatinine Level 885 in FSGS

2017-08-18 15:42

How to Treat High Creatinine Level 885 in FSGSIt is great to conservatively reduce High Creatinine Level 885 with effective therapy. Without Dialysis, how to treat creatinine 885 in FSGS?

In order to reduce high creatinine level 885 in FSGS without dialysis, the first step we should do is to cleanse the polluted blood. It is because if there are too many wastes and toxins in blood, they will counteract the medication you take and affect the medication effects. In our hospital, Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, Blood Purification Therapy is recommended.

After cleansing blood, we will arrange systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment which contains a series of TCM treatments including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath, Immunotherapy, etc. Through dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrixes, eliminating blood stasis and providing nutrients to help repair the injured kidney tissues and improve renal function.

Through a period of treatment about one month, your high creatinine level will be reduced naturally and your illness condition will have great improvement. Other symptoms like Edema, poor appetite and so on also will be relieved well.

Timely and proper therapy can help you avoid dialysis or even Kidney Transplant. If there is no good therapy in your country, you can come to China for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. We will do utmost to help you. You can leave a message in the below form or email your test reports to our mail box.


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