Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treats FSGS

2017-06-26 16:56

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treats FSGSDo you know how does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treat FSGS? Are you still using steroids? In the following we will introduce details of Osmotherapy for FSGS patients.

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What happens in FSGS?

FSGS is a disorder that can cause progressive loss of kidney function. When kidney function decreases due to FSGS, kidney fails to discharge the extra wastes and toxins from the body, Creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen level increase. Besides, in FSGS, large amounts of protein will leak into urine due to damages of glomerular filtration membrane. Thus repairing kidney damage and improving kidney function is extremely crucial.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treat FSGS?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is herb-based. Effective ingredients in the herbs used in this treatment can stimulate injured kidney intrinsic cells and repair injured glomerular filtration membarne. From the above analysis, we can see that due to the damaged kidney, various symptoms appear. In this case, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used to repair injured filtration membrane and improve kidney function, gradually High Creatinine Level would be reduced fundamentally and protein leakage can be alleviated and even stopped without relapse.

With the improvement of kidney function, FSGS patients can delay or avoid Dialysis or Kidney Transplant. And patients can enjoy a better life.

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