What Are the Remedies of Kidney Damage in FSGS

2017-10-21 11:55

What Are the Remedies of Kidney Damage in FSGS

As we know, FSGS is a rare disease that attacks the kidney’s filtering units (glomeruli) causing serious scarring which leads to permanent kidney damage and even Kidney Failure. What are the remedies of kidney damage in FSGS?

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What are the damages of FSGS?

In FSGS, the glomeruli have been damaged to some extent so that they fail to maintain protein in the body effectively causing protein leaking out in urine. It is not strange for patients that they will suffer from Proteinuria, Edema, poor appetite, etc. If you do not pay attention to repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells, lots of toxins and excess fluids will build up in the blood to go on damaging the kidneys and even other organs around the kidneys.

As long as you can treat FSGS correctly as early as possible, you will have great chance to avoid Dialysis and Kidney Failure to get a better prognosis.

What are the remedies of kidney damage in FSGS?

Toxin-Removing Treatment, a kind of natural treatments based on TCM, provides a good future for FSGS patients. It is a systematic therapy that contains a series of Chinese medicine treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Bath, Moxibustion Therapy, etc.

The Chinese medicines can eliminate blood stasis, promote blood circulation, increase blood flow and oxygen to kidneys. In this way, the damaged kidneys can get adequate oxygen to relieve renal anoxia and anemia effectively to regenerate kidney structure and improve renal function from the root.

Up to now, the systematic Toxin-Removing Treatment has help thousands of kidney disease patients from more than 148 countries to gain new hope of better life.

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