What Are Underlying Causes of FSGS

2017-05-23 17:33

What Are Underlying Causes of FSGSFocal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS) is a progressive Kidney Disease. It is reported that many patients will develop into Kidney Failure within 5~10 years after the first diagnosis. Well then, what are the underlying causes of FSGS?

The basics of FSGS

FSGS is a complex immunological disease due to immune dysfunction. In right condition, when virus, bacteria, etc, generally known as antigens invade into body, the immune system is activated. And then the immune cells will swallow the foreign substances and form immune complexes. Normally, the immune complexes will be excreted out of body through systemic blood circulation.

The underlying causes of FSGS

Some people may be born with immune defects or some foreign factors may trigger normal immune system. As a result, the immune complexes are unable to be discharged from the body, but deposit in blood vessel wall. To eliminate the immune complexes, an inflammatory response is activated by body, thus resulting in inflammation. That is how immune diseases occur. When the immune inflammation occurs in kidneys, it will cause immune kidney disease.

In FSGS, the immune complexes will flow into kidneys through blood circulation and deposit on renal glomerular capillaries. To remove them, the body will initiate an inflammation, thus causing damage to glomeruli. If the inflammation is not inhibited at once, it will cause renal ischemia and anoxia. Without enough blood and oxygen supplement, renal fibrosis will occur. In this case, the glomeruli will lose their normal filtration ability and a lot of proteins pass through glomeruli to urine. Proteinuria is a major factor in accelerating the renal function deterioration and it is also a main cause of relative symptoms of FSGS such as high blood pressure, edema, anemia, and so on.

Once you are diagnosed with FSGS, you should apply timely and effective treatments to treat it due to its complicated causes and to avoid Kidney Failure. If you want to know more details on its treatment, you can leave your present condition in the below form or consult our ONLINE DOCTOR freely or consult us on whatsapp/viber. Have a great day!

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