What to Do When Creatinine Level Is 9.38 in the Body

2017-08-24 15:06

What to Do When Creatinine Level Is 9.38 in the BodyCreatinine is a waste product present in your blood. If the amount of creatinine contained within a sample is too high, your kidneys’ filtering ability (GFR) is likely too low. What to do when creatinine level is 9.38 in the body?

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Healthy kidney is responsible for filtering the wastes and toxins from the body normally, which keep the balance of electrolyte and fluid of the body. Unfortunately, if your kidneys are damaged more than 50%, it will be unable to work effectively, causing most toxins and wastes build up in the blood. High creatinine level 9.38 is the result of damaged kidneys.

Creatinine 9.38 belongs to the final stage of CKD—the End Stage Renal Disease, your doctor will almost always puts you on Dialysis or recommends a Kidney Transplant if possible.

However, both dialysis and kidney transplant are unable to repair your damaged kidney tissues and cells as well as improve your renal function. Thus if you want to get effective therapy to live a better life, you should not focus on reducing creatinine 9.38 or any other creatinine levels.

In China, Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, we use natural TCM treatments to help you repair your kidney lesion and improve your renal function from the root. Through years of clinical experience, Toxin-Removing Treatment is invented to cleanse blood firstly and then provide nutrients, oxygen, and blood volume to kidney so as to make kidney function again.

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