Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital: Bring Hope for ESRD Patient

2017-04-14 17:16

When you get diagnosed with CKD, you should take proper and effective treatment to protect the kidney function from further damage. See, this is a 28-year-old patient. His illness condition develops into ESRD from Chronic Nephritis in one year.

Because he had severe high blood pressure in the one year, his disease develops quickly. For the treatment, he applied Chinese medicines in his local hospital. However, the Creatinine level can not be controlled and protein also leaked out seriously. Due to the severe complications, such as heart failure, retinal hemorrhage, etc, he had no choice but to change hospital for better treatment.

Fortunately, his family found our hospital—Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute in the Internet. They asked something they need to know and decided to come to here for Systemic Chinese treatments.

His Creatinine Level was high, reached to 726umol/L.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital: Bring Hope for ESRD Patient

Blood pressure was 210/140mmHg.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital: Bring Hope for ESRD Patient

Specific Chinese medicine treatments:

To avoid the toxins damage kidneys further and relieve the severe complications, we arranged Polluted Blood Therapy combined with our characteristic Therapies-- Four “One” Traditional Chinese Medicine: Maikang Mixture, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

High blood pressure is an important cause of the disease deterioration. Only control it timely can slow down the kidney damage. Apart from necessary hypotensor, we also combined some control blood pressure therapies to keep his blood pressure in a stable condition.

This is the recent blood pressure results. It has been kept in 130/90.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital: Bring Hope for ESRD Patient

Through a period of treatment, his creatinine level reduced to 413umol/L before Kidney Dialysis.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital: Bring Hope for ESRD Patient

“I feel I am full of energy now. And my complexion becomes better and better compared with the black yellow skin.” he said. That is because the toxins build up in the body are eliminated out successfully and they do not produce continuously.

Besides, the protein leakage is improved greatly. As long as control the severe complications timely and repair the damaged kidney tissues, your kidney condition can be improved well.

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