How To Stop The Process To End Stage Renal Disease

2018-09-19 09:31

End Stage Renal DiseaseEnd Stage Renal Disease is a very terrible disease. How can End Stage Renal Disease be prevented? What are the ways to prevent End Stage Renal Disease? How To Stop The Process To End Stage Renal Disease?

1. Any kidney disease should not be neglected and delayed medical treatment, because any continued deterioration of kidney disease may become uremia.

2. Urinate has bleeding (hematuria) or froth for a long time (there may be proteinuria proteinuria) phenomenon, must immediately seek medical examination, even for kidney biopsy.

3. Urinary tract calculi (urolithiasis) should not be ignored and must be followed regularly (every 3~6 months). Especially the stone although not painful, but may have caused chronic hydronephrosis, but also bear in mind that "fossil grass" on the stone ineffective.

4. Patients with hypertension (hypertension) often need to take medicine throughout their lives, and must control blood pressure strictly without interruption.

5. Diabetes mellitus (DM) patients about 1/4 of the complications of uremia, blood sugar control is the most important, and the need for regular detection of renal function and urinary microprotein, early detection and treatment of diabetic nephropathy (DN).

6. Patients with congenital polycystic kidney disease (PKD) should ask their parents, children, brothers and sisters to the Department of Nephrology for ultrasonic examination once found, so as to early detection and treatment. Because half of the offspring will have the same disease, it is best to do genetic counseling before childbirth, and pay attention to hypertension and urinary tract infection.

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