Three Notices On Diet Should Be Taken Concentrations By Uremia Patients

2018-11-26 09:51

Three Notices On Diet,Uremia PatientsUremia dietary precautions 1: limit protein intake, eat less food with high protein content

Uremic patients are more concerned about protein intake. Excessive protein intake will aggravate the patient's condition and affect the patient's health. Therefore, the intake of protein should be strictly limited. Why can't uremic patients take in too much protein? The main reason is that the excretion function of uremic patients is reduced, blood urea nitrogen is increased, protein metabolism is abnormal, and the burden of kidney is increased. Low protein is beneficial to the protection of kidney function, so patients should eat less soymilk, tofu and other protein-rich foods.

Uremia dietary precautions 2: control the intake of phosphorus, eat less food with high phosphorus content

Uremic patients eat less food with high phosphorus content, which is conducive to prevention and treatment of bone softening. Phosphorus is mainly contained in protein, and eating less food with high phosphorus content means eating less food with high protein content. Low phosphorus and high calcium food is good for uremic patients, who can eat more.

Low phosphorus diet refers to the dietary phosphorus limit of 0.8-1.0 g/d, such as apples, snow pears, mangoes, plums are low phosphorus food.

Uremia dietary precautions 3: control the intake of sodium salt, eat more light food

In order to alleviate the burden of kidney and intestine, uremic patients can eat more light, digestible and non-stimulating food, less fatty food, avoid fried spicy and stimulating food, avoid eating spinach, amaranth and other foods with high oxalic acid content, avoid eating food with high protein content, such as soybean, tofu. In order to avoid further deterioration, these are the dietary details that uremic patients need to pay more attention to. Uremic patients will appear edema symptoms, although the symptoms are not obvious, but in order to alleviate the disease, patients should properly control the intake of sodium salt, eat less food with high sodium content, such as meat floss, soda biscuits.

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