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Treat Diabetic Nephropathy from the Root Reason will Have Good Result

Diabetic Nephropathy,From Root Reason,Chinese Medicine TreatmentDiabetic Nephropathy is one of the secondary kidney diseases due to diabetes which can not controlled well in many years. Only by finding out the causes can the patients get better treatment. However, what are causes of this disease?

1. Hyperglycemia. Diabetic nephropathy is closely related to high blood sugar. Losing control of sugar will accelerate diabetic nephropathy progress, while well control can delay that. Increase of sugar, glycosylation end products leads to mesangial cell proliferation, extracellular matrix increasing, extension of mesentery, and incrassation of glomerular basement membrane, etc.

2. Inheritance factor. Due to this, the vast majority of diabetes patients won’t have renal lesion at last, while some patients with well control of sugar may catch diabetic nephropathy.

3. When one bears with high sugar, the glomerulus remains in hyper transfusion and hyper filtration state. Increase of capillary wall pressure makes mesangial cells expand. In this case, the filtration of protein will increase and then the protein deposits in mesentery region and glomerular basement membrane. Over time that will affect therenal function.

4. High blood pressure. It has no direct relation to diabetic nephropathy. But if the patients have hypertension before or the blood pressure increases during microalbuminuria period, the disease progress will be accelerated and kidney function can be worsened.

What are the treatment for diabetic nephropathy?

We have known about the causes of diabetic nephropathy, then the treatment should be keep focus on controlling diabetes and high blood pressure then try to repair the damage on kidneys too. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the most effective Chinese medicine treatment for diabetic nephropathy, it is able to clean toxins in blood at first to control diabetes and high blood pressure, then medicine in this treatment will treat disease from root effectively.

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