How to Improve GFR 34 for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2017-06-19 17:41

GFR 34 means the Diabetic Nephropathy patients are in kidney disease stage 3 to stage 4 soon. In this case, if left untreated, it may develop into Kidney Failure. Well then, how to improve GFR 34 in Diabetic Nephropathy?

If you do not want to take Kidney Dialysis or Kidney Transplant, proper and timely treatment should be taken. You can also consult free ONLINE DOCTOR.

1. Control blood sugar and blood pressure.

For Diabetic Nephropathy patients, they usually suffer from high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Both of them can cause further damage to your kidneys. Necessary measures are needed, such as medications, diet, and exercises.

However, the underlying cause is the damaged kidney tissues, thus Chinese medicine treatments is recommended.

2. Repair kidney damage and improve kidney function.

With the declined GFR, a lot of waste products build up in the blood, which will cause further kidney damage. On the contrary, kidney damage causes more toxins and wastes retention. Besides, they also can counteract the effect of medications you take to affect your recovery.

To repair kidney damage, you should cleanse the blood first. Toxin-Removing Treatment is a combination of TCM treatments, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Navel Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, etc.

It can not only help expel massive waste products from body via your urine output, bowel movement and sweat, but also dilate blood vessels to lower high blood pressure, improve blood circulation to remove blood stasis, and provide enough oxygen, nutrients and active ingredients of medicine to speed up kidney recovery.

After a period of treatment, symptoms and complications caused by Diabetic Nephropathy will get relieved and GFR 34 will increase gradually.

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