Is There Any Remedy for Diabetic Kidney Disease and High Creatinine Problem

2016-05-20 14:44

Is There Any Remedy for Diabetic Kidney Disease and High Creatinine ProblemIs there any remedy for Diabetic Kidney Disease and High Creatinine Problem? Diabetic kidney disease is also named as diabetic nephropathy, which is a kind of kidney disease or kidney damage caused by diabetes. The mainly symptoms of it include: high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high creatinine level. Especially about high creatinine problem.

What are the common remedies for diabetic nephropathy and high creatinine?

Diabetic nephropathy need to pay more attention on diabetes which means that hypoglycemic agents and antihypertensive drugs are essential for patients.

Once diabetes develop into kidney problem, creatinine will rise up. Dialysis will become into the essential for patients with high creatinine level.

However, as a matter of fact, dialysis and oral western medicine are not treat diabetic kidney disease and high creatinine form the root. That is the reason why so many patients have to take drugs and dialysis for long time to control the illness condition. While once the side effects of them affect kidney too much will make the illness condition more and more serious even out of control. Then

What remedy are able to treat diabetic kidney disease and high creatinine at the same time?

We have known the side effects of dialysis and oral western medicine, that is not means for patients can not take them at all. If it is necessary, they are still have some benefits.

Chinese medicine treatment is also able to work for those problems, furthermore, it can help to alleviate the symptoms due to dialysis and medicine. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the core treatment for Chinese medicine treatment, which is not only help to reduce creatinine level but also will repair kidney damage and improve kidney function.

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