Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat for Nephrotic Syndrome with Blood Urine and Proteinuria

2016-04-19 15:55

Can Stem Cell Therapy treat for Nephrotic Syndrome with Blood Urine and Proteinuria? Causes of kidney patients with Blood Urine and Proteinuria is due to immune and inflammatory response leading to the kidney glomerular filtration membrane damage, increased permeability, then protein and red blood cells leaking form the damaged part, forming proteinuria and hematuria.

In this kind of condition that the most common treatment is uses western medicines and dialysis to control the condition. In fact, western medicine treatment only suppresses the immune inflammation, glomerular filtration membrane damage can not be repaired, so easily repeated.

Due to that, more and more patients want to find some other way to treat all kinds of symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome.

What treatment is better than Dialysis?

Nephrotic Syndrome patients with blood urine and proteinuria need to repair the damage due to Nephrotic Syndrome, common treatment can not do that, Chinese medicine therapy maybe the best choice for it.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmoptherpay as one of the most effective treatment for kidney disease to improve kidney function and repair kidney damage. It have no side effects like western medicines and dialysis. This treatment is able to alleviate the side effects due to them.

Hot Compress Therapy can be matched with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmoptherpay to treat for Nephrotic Syndrome, it is also Chinese medicine therapy and really helpful for avoiding dialysis in huge degree.

Both of them will help patients reduce blood urine and preteinuria in a more safe way, and also will help patients reduce times of dialysis or even get rid of it.

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