There Are Major Three Aspects in Diabetic Nephropathy’s Therapies

2015-12-28 15:45

Diabetic Nephropathy’s Therapies Have Major Three AspectsThe treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy is different from illness phases. Clinically in these follow aspects, such as control blood, control blood and diet theraphy.

Control blood sugar: Hba1c should be controlled less 7.0 %.controlled blood sugar strictly can improve the abnormal renal hemodynamics partly. In the period of 1 type diabetes patients can delay the appearing of microalbuminuria at last. Patient decreased the mircoalbuminuria swift into clinical proteinuria obviously.

Control blood pressure: High blood pressure is common case in the diabetic nephropathy and it is important reason of leading to diabetic nephropathy occur and progress. ACEI and ARB are first choice among the antihypertensive drugs. This medicine feature that improving hemodynamics and reduce angiotensin converting enzyme urine protein excretion, control intercapillary cells, fibroblast and activity of macrophages and improve filtration membrane permeability. Even though in the normal blood pressure conditions that occur the kidney function of protecting and it is not depend on the improvement of haemodynamics after decreasing blood pressure. The side effect of ACEI has hyperkalemia, reduction of kidney function and dry cough etc. decreasing blood pressure is aim at the patients with proteinuria blood pressure 130/80mmHg.

Diet therapy: Patients should be advocated by the principle of fine protein. Eat more animal protein by the high biological titer and eating fish, chicken and unsaturated fattyacid. In the early stage patients should be limited protein to 0.8g/ (kg·d), for the patients with much proteinuria and renal failure can decrease to 0.6g/ (kg·d). the patients in the middle and late period are fit for add some alpha keto acid.

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