What Are The Accurate Treatments Plan For Diabetic Nephropathy

2018-09-29 09:57

Diabetic Nephropathy,Accurate TreatmentsCan Diabetic Nephropathy be prevented and treated? The answer is yes, but it needs to be done in an early stage. If diabetic nephropathy is found to be advanced, so even after active treatment, diabetic nephropathy has not been improved.

Preventive measures for diabetic nephropathy

1. Quit smoking, treat high blood fat, reduce protein content in diet.

2. Some anti platelet aggregation drugs, such as aspirin, can be applied.

3. Strict control of hypertension should strive to control blood pressure in 16-17.3/10.6-11.3 kPa (120-130/80-85 mm Hg column).

4. Because diabetic nephropathy is caused by hyperglycemia, early adherence to long-term strict control of blood sugar can prevent diabetic nephropathy.

Specific treatment measures for diabetic nephropathy

1. When the development of clinical diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy has been difficult to improve, at this time should pay attention to protect renal function, prevent the development of renal failure, and pay attention to blood pressure should not be too low.

2. In the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, in addition to the above treatment, angiotensin inhibitors can be used to reduce urinary protein content, such as captopril, enalapril, lotensin, and so on, such as patients without hypertension should start with small doses.

3. The prevention of diabetic nephropathy should be emphasized. The most important thing is that diabetic patients should insist on controlling blood glucose in the near normal range for a long time. Secondly, they should check their urine regularly so as to find out diabetic nephropathy early so as to treat diabetic nephropathy as soon as possible.

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