Diabetes Develops into Diabetic Nephropathy: TCM Treats It Effectively

2017-04-19 14:28

Diabetic Nephropathy is caused by long term uncontrolled Diabetes, thus it is vital for you to control blood glucose timely. Here is a patient with Type 2 Diabetes for many years, but finally he was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy.

He knew the diabetes would damage kidney, so he always took antidiabetics except examining his kidney function. Last year, he found foam in the urine so he came to hospital for examination, which showed Diabetic Nephropathy stage 3, protein was +. Even though he changed a hospital, the medicines he took were still some antidiabetic drugs. The high blood sugar was controlled well, but for proteinuria, it still existed.

Considering the damages of diabetes, he decided to take Chinese medicine treatments timely. So he came to our hospital—Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute.

Diabetes Develops into Diabetic Nephropathy: TCM Treats It Effectively

After arrived at here, we gave him complete checkup. The test report showed he was in diabetic nephropathy stage 4 and protein became 2+.

It is known that Diabetic Nephropathy is one of refractory Kidney Diseases. To make he get the best effects, we arranged a systematic TCM treatments, which the general term is Toxin-Removing Therapy. These natural and safe treatments can help dilate the blood vessels and protect kidney functions through improving blood circulation, cleansing blood and repairing kidney lesion. What is more, they can prevent diabetic nephropathy stage 4 from Kidney Failure.

In addition, healthy diet also plays an important role during the disease treatment, which can control blood glucose and prevent coagulation so as to protect the residual kidney function.

Diabetes Develops into Diabetic Nephropathy: TCM Treats It Effectively

Dr. Zhao was talking about the disease condition with the patient, which is one of the advantages of hospitalization.

After these comprehensive Chinese treatments, the progression of the patient’s condition can be slowed down and kidney damage can be improved well. In this case, kidney filtration function also can be improved. Proteinuria will be controlled naturally. The final report reflected protein had become normal.

Diabetes Develops into Diabetic Nephropathy: TCM Treats It Effectively

“The Proteinuria finally is reduced. Thank you, doctor, thank you…” Mr. Li babbled his thanks to his doctor.

Diabetes Develops into Diabetic Nephropathy: TCM Treats It Effectively

See, the patient send a silk banner expressing his deep sense of gratitude.

His blood glucose was also reduced steadily and he greatly reduced the dose of insulin.

Diabetic nephropathy may cause many complications, thus once you are diagnosed, please do not hesitate to take proper treatments to prevent it. If you want to know more details about our Toxin-Removing Treatment, please leave your present condition in the below or consult our ONLINE DOCTOR or on WhatsApp/Viber: +86 18730617149, +86 13503211882 , or email to huaxiainstitute@hotmail.com. Take care please!

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