Will Damaged Kidney Cause Skin Itching in Diabetic Kidney Disease

2017-04-09 10:48

Will Damaged Kidney Cause Skin Itching in Diabetic Kidney DiseaseWill damaged kidney cause skin itching in Diabetic Kidney Disease? To be honest, skin itching can be caused by a series of factors like Kidney Disease, or allergy or some medicines. Now I only introduce kidney damage causes skin itching. Please read continuously.

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- Why damaged kidney causes skin itching in Diabetes?

1. Skin dehydration

When kidneys are healthy, it will filter the wastes normally out of the body. But in diabetes,if left uncontrolled for a long time, it will bring damage to kidneys, so that kidneys fail to filter metabolic wastes and excessive minerals such as calcium and phosphorus out of body. In this case, the body will remove liquid in the skin to the bloodstream to deal with too high mineral level. In this case, your skin will lack of enough liquid, causing skin dehydration. Skin dehydration will cause itchy feeling.

2. Histamine release

Histamine is one kind of protein released by the body when there are foreign materials invading the body. The skin may be itchy just as an allergic reaction to histamine release.Besides, histamine will also cause less liquid in the bloodstream which will aggravate skin dehydration. In this case, taking anti-histamine may have a quick efficacy.

- What should I do to relieve the skin itching?

In Diabetic Nephropathy, I recommend a natural treatment to alleviate itchy skin—one of our Toxin-Removing Treatments, Full Medicated Bath. Patients can treat disease with taking bath, which is very comfortable and has no side effects.

Some specific medicines or substances are put into the water to help alleviate skin itchy.Besides, it can also promote blood circulation of the whole body and get rid of fatigue as well as improve sleep quality.

In addition, Foot Bath also has the same functions as medicated bath.

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