Reasonable Vegetables for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat

2017-02-07 18:01

Reasonable Vegetables for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients EatDaily diet is the most concerned question among Diabetic Nephropathy patients. Diet plays an important effect during the treatment. However, what vegetables are reasonable for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy?

We list top seven vegetables for Diabetic Nephropathy:

- Cucumber: Cucumber contains vitamin C which can improve glycometabolism and reduce blood sugar. The glucose, Mi Tang and xylose do not participate in sugar metabolism. This is good for diabetes treatment.

- Celery: It contains calcium, phosphorus, iron; carotene and vitamin C, A, B. It can eliminate swelling and detoxify your body.

- Mushroom: Mushroom contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, megnesium and trace elements. It has the functions of lowering blood pressure, decreasing blood sugar, improving your appetite and preventing cancer. Diabetes patients can eat mushroom properly.

- Swamp cabbage: The nutrient content in swamp cabbage is much higher than in tomato. It includes higher levels of vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C and Protein. At the same time, swamp cabbage also includes insulin-like composition. Its rich cellulose and insulin-like composition can treat diabetes.

- Peas: It includes calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C and nicotinic acid. It is good for treating diabetes and high blood pressure.

- Onion: Onion contains vitamin A, B1, B6 and C. It can prevent the increase of plasma cholesterol and also treat diabetic atherosclerosis.

- Pumpkin: Rich chromium, nickel and trace elements in pumpkin can lower your blood sugar level. Besides, pumpkin also contains high levels of fiber which can prevent the absorption of small intestine to blood sugar. This can reduce the burden of islet cells and gradually recover its secretion function.

What is more, just diet can not repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions, so that you should take timely and effective treatment to prevent its progression. If you want to know the natural treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy, you can leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free.


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