What Kind of Treatment Is Suitable for Patients with Diabetes and Hypertension

2016-05-07 15:53

What Kind of Treatment Is Suitable for Patients with Diabetes and HypertensionWhat kind of treatment is suitable for patients with Diabetes and Hypertension? Diabetes and hypertension are the most common questions in nowadays. Due to diet habits and improvement of living standards, that high blood pressure and diabetes has become very common. Thy are also the most common cause of kidney disease.

Why diabetic and hypertension will cause kidney disease?

There is no doubt that both diabetic and hypertension are serious pathological changes which have a direct impact on blood. Kidney is mostly formed with many capillaries and keep balance of blood. So that if blood have some problems that will increase the burden on kidneys. Excessive exertion will cause kidney damage, thus will lead to kidney disease.

Diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive nephropathy are the most common complications of diabetes and hypertension. The mainly reason of them are due to kidney damage form diabetes and hypertension.

How to control diabetes and hypertension to prevent complications?

Most doctors will recommend patients with diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease to take dialysis. Depend on it to eliminate excessive sugar and reduce high blood pressure which can also alleviate symptoms of kidney diseases.

While dialysis just able to control condition well in a short period, with the development of illness that times of dialysis will be increased. Kidney damage will be more and more serious. Diabetes and hypertension are likely out of control and cause life-threatening.

Stem Cell Therapy is a kind of treatment which are very popular to treat for kidney disease and other diseases. It will reduce side effects of dialysis and improve kidney function in a huge degree. Thus will reduce the effects on diabetes and hypertension to prevent complications.

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