What Treatments Are Suitable for Diabetic Nephropathy Other Than Dialysis

2016-04-16 17:44

What Treatments Are Suitable for Diabetic Nephropathy Other Than DialysisWhat treatments are suitable for Diabetic Nephropathy other than Dialysis? As a matter of fact, Diabetic Nephropathy refers to kidney problem which caused by years of uncontrolled Diabetes. So that, it can also treat as the complication of Diabetes.

Generally speaking, patients with kidney failure caused by diabetes usually begin dialysis treatment earlier than patients with kidney failure caused by other illness conditions, that is because diabetes may also cause other serious complications. But dialysis is not the best choice for patients with diabetic nephropathy.

Why Dialysis Is Not The Best Way for Diabetic Nephropahty?

Diabetes causes the kidney damage that is the formation of diabetic nephropathy. So that treat it should keep focus on repairing the damaged kidney cells and restoring the kidney function. But dialysis can not repair kidney damage or improve the kidney function. Find some way other than dialysis is necessary.

What Treatments Can Alternative to Dialysis?

If patients want to repair the kidney damage and improve kidney function, try to make kidneys work again is the key.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of pure Chinese medicine therapy, it is able to help the patients to repair the kidney by promoting blood circulation and blood stasis, make kidney have enough blood and air for survival of kidney cells will help the kidney repair by itself and the kidney function will improved naturally.

Stem Cell Therapy is also an effective treatment for kidney disease which uses the inherent stem cells to make up the damage kidney cells and red blood cells. Thus will keep the kidney more and more safe. So that dialysis can be avoided successfully.

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