Stem Cell Therapy Can be Alternative Treatment Option to Dialysis for IgA Nephropathy

2016-04-12 14:59

Stem Cell Therapy Can be Alternative Treatment Option to Dialysis for IgA NephropathyThere is no doubt about that Dialysis is a common treatment for IgA Nephropahty to alleviate the symptoms and control the condition. While dialysis is not able to do anything for improving the kidney function and treat disease from the root. So that so patients prefer to find some alternative treatment options to it. Stem Cell Therapy as a brand new effective treatment for kidney disease, it can be another goof way for patients to choose. Patients must wondering about

Why Dialysis Can Not Improve Kidney and Treat Disease from Root?

As the most common method for IgA Nephropathy, dialysis is only able to help the kidney discharge some parts of toxins and waste in human body. But dialysis is harmful to the kidney in some degree. Due to that, dialysis always have so many side effects on human body which make the condition of patients more and more serious. Thus will have bad influence on kidney function, so dialysis can not improve the kidney function and treat kidney disease from the root.

Can Stem Cell Therapy Be The Alternative Treatment to Dialysis?

As a brand new treatment which can be used in so many different diseases that Stem cell therapy have the ability of dialysis. It can also help patients eliminate the toxins and waste in human body by repairing the damage kidney cells make up the lose part of kidney organization to improve the kidney function and keep the kidney more safe than before. If patients want to get rid of dialysis that they have to make their kidney work again.

Stem cell therapy transplant the inherent stem cells of patients’ own body into kidneys to make the kidney recover by itself. Promote the red blood cells reproduce will ensure the enough blood into kidney and bring the waste out of body with blood.

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