How to Lower Blood Sugar Level in Insulin-dependent Diabetes

2015-12-21 10:54

How to Lower Blood Sugar Level in Insulin-dependent DiabetesInsulin-dependent diabetes is also known as type 1 Diabetes. As the body can not produce insulin, you have to start insulin injection once you are diagnosed with diabetes. Tight control of blood sugar level can reduce the incidence of complications and delay its progression. How to lower blood sugar level in insulin-dependent diabetes effectively?


People with insulin-dependent diabetes require insulin to survive. A constant level of long-acting basal insulin throughout the day along with bolus injections based on food eaten is recommended to people with diabetes. The dose of insulin should be prescribed by your physician based on your current condition.


Diet plays a vital role in controlling blood sugar level in insulin-dependent diabetes. Carbohydrates you eat can affect your blood sugar level remarkably. You should cut down the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates strictly. Additionally, limit sweets and sugary desserts. These types of foods can raise blood sugar level fastest and highest. Increased fiber consumption can reduce blood sugar level effectively.


People with insulin-dependent diabetes should keep moderate exercise each day. It can burn the stored sugar in body to lower blood sugar level. Exercising for 30 minutes daily is recommended to people. Regular exercise can lower blood sugar levels about 18 percent throughout the day.

Relax your mind

Stress can stimulate fight-or-fight hormone that release of stored blood sugar, thus leading to high blood sugar level. You should keep relaxed and find effective ways to deal with your pressure.


Insulin-dependent diabetes is an immune disorder, in which the immune system attacks islet cells mistakenly. To control this condition completely, the goal of the treatment is to correct immune system and restore impaired islet cells. Immunotherapy is an alternative treatment for people with insulin-dependent diabetes. It can help control the condition effectively and even help the patients free of insulin injection.

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