Is There Effective Treatment for Diabetes and Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2015-12-19 14:37

Diabetes and Stage 3 Kidney Failure often coexist in the same person. For people with these two diseases, they have a big risk of end-stage kidney failure. Therefore, exploring a systemic treatment for diabetes and stage 3 kidney failure is very important for them.

Diabetes can be a single disease or a cause of many other diseases as well as kidney disease. For people with diabetes and stage 3 kidney failure, their treatment should including controlling diabetes and stopping the progression of their kidney failure regardless of different causes. The following is an introduce of this treatment in detail.

Firstly, keeping patients’ blood glucose in the normal level is the basic requirement. If patients’ diabetes is mild, they can control their condition very well through scientific diet and healthy lifestyle, otherwise, they should use some medicines like insulin. Remember that never eat too sweet foods that can make patients’ condition out of control.

In stage 3 kidney failure, it means moderate kidney function has been lost. To find the management, the root cause should be found out. We know kidneys are responsible to purify blood that flows through them, and blood, in turn, supplies enough blood and oxygen to the kidney cells. However, if the blood is contaminated, more and more kidney cells will be damaged because of lack of clean blood and oxygen.

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