People with Diabetes: How to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

2017-09-30 09:47

People with Diabetes: How to Celebrate Mid-Autumn FestivalOne of the traditional Chinese festivals -- Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. The most representative food is mooncake which is eggs, sugars, nuts, fruits and other materials you like. It is rich in sugar and ingesting too much sugar. However, for people with Diabetes, how to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

What diabetes patients need to pay attention during Mid-Autumn Festival?

Firstly, keep far away from mooncake, apple and other foods with high blood sugar.

People with uncontrolled diabetes had better keep for away from these kinds of foods, for the sake of your health. But you can cook some foods yourself to have a happy festival.

Secondly, limit the intake of sugar.

Diabetes is marked by high levels of blood sugar which is harmful for our body. However, this does not mean people with Diabetes can not ingest any sugar. Diabetics are allowed to ingest some sugar everyday, but the amount must be limited and also it is based on their specific illness condition, in case of exceeding the allowed amounts.

Thirdly, control some substances intake related with kidney problem like protein, salt, potassium.

If diabetics also have kidney problem, except for foods high in sugar, they also need to control protein, salt, potassium, and phosphorus intake to reduce kidney burden and kidney damage.

All in all, in order to protect your kidneys from further damages, diabetic patients should eat less or not eat mooncake when celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. You should know that your health is the most important than delicious foods.


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