Dialysis Center

2013-12-23 02:49

Dialysis center in Hua Xia Kidney Disease Research Institute is one of the biggest blood purification center in North China with the most advanced blood purification machine.

There are total 40 dialysis machines, 3 blood-filtering machine and one multi-functional blood purification machine IQ21. Aside from this, there are also 58 sets of blood purification equipment in total with the investment about 10 million RMB.

In Hua Xia Kidney Disease Research Institute, different blood purification technics are applied to help fight against kidney problem and they are hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, High-flux hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, immunoadsorption and so on.

Generally speaking, dialysis is applied to remove wastes with small molecule like creatinine and urea nitrogen and it is the most commonly used blood purification method.

Plasma is another common medical blood purification method and is always adopted to remove macromolecular substances from the blood. Immunoadsorption is a medical procedure in which harmful immune complexes can be cleared away from the blood.We can adopt different blood purification technics according to patient’s illness condition.

With the help of the advanced dialysis techniques, the polluted blood in patients’ body can be purified effectively. Thus it can provide a clean and comfortable environment for the rebuild of their kidney function.

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