Toxin-Removing Treatment for High Creatinine 700umol/L No Dialysis

2017-03-15 15:26

Toxin-Removing Treatment for High Creatinine 700umol/L No DialysisDialysis is the common treatment for High Creatinine Level no matter which stage patients in. However, not all patients are suitable to do dialysis and not all patients want to do dialysis. In this case, Toxin-Removing Treatment can reduce high creatinine no dialysis.

Ms. Ma is an ESRD patient with High Creaitnine Level and severe swelling in legs and face. She took western medicines for a period of time in her local hospital before came to our hospital. But the symptoms had no obvious improvement. Creatinine elevated to 729umol/L. In this case, she wanted to try another treatment.

On one occasion, she heard our hospital that applies unique Chinese medicine treatment to repair damage and recover kidney function from the root to relieve the symptoms. She was curious and wanted to have a try. And then she came here.

Treatment in our hospital

We gave her a systemic examination that showed creatinine 700umol/L, and 24UPr was above 3g.

After repeated discussion, experts decided to apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Foot Bath Therapy as well as Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy to produce urine, relieve edema, cleanse toxins and wastes and open the blocked meridians and collaterals.

These treatments are collectively called Toxin-Removing Treatment.

Effects of Toxin-Removing Therapy

Through about 15 days of treatment, her creatinine level reduced to 379umol/L without Dialysis. “How magical the Chinese Medicines are!” Ms. Ma said excitedly. In addition, her urine also changed a lot. The color became turbid from the original clear and urine volume increased to 1500ml from 700ml, which means kidney damage is repaired and kidney function is improved effectively so that toxins and wastes can be removed out via urine. Swelling also disappeared.

 Toxin-Removing Treatment for High Creatinine 700umol/L No Dialysis

She expressed that she would continuously take the treatment to consolidate the condition and let it recovers radically. Hope all Kidney Disease patients live a normal life without Dialysis.

Doctor’s suggestion: Only if you look for proper treatment for Kidney Disease, you need to continuously take it. Do not stop until the condition recovers, in case the condition relapses and brings great loss.

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