How to Control Kidney Disease with Creatinine 3.5

2016-10-29 14:17

Reduce Creatinine 3.5,Kidney Disease,Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyHow to Control Kidney Disease with Creatinine 3.5? I am a kidney disease patient, the doctor said my creatinine is 3.5. I also have diabetes and hypertension. Can you tell me how to control it?

According to the information presented from the patient, I know that the patient' s kidneys have been damaged more than 50%. Otherwise, creatinine would not increase in common situation.

Diabetes and hypertension can also lead to kidney damage. Of course, kidney damage can also lead to hypertension. So that patients need to control blood sugar stable in a reasonable range (5-7), and promote blood circulation, remove the toxin from body, repair damaged kidney and improve renal function at last.

If you do not get effective treatment and prevent the progress of illness condition, the creatinine level will increase quickly and your kidney function will lose more and more in short time. That is to say maybe you have to face to dialysis soon. Because this disease progress more fast after it reach a certain stage.

What treatment is helpful for preventing the progression of kidney disease?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the most effective treatment of kidney disease, it can prevent the progression of kidney disease by repairing the damaged kidneys and protecting the residual ones from further damage.

It has four main functions, they are anti-inflammation, ant-coagulation, anti-thrombosis, and enlarge blood vessels. Those functions can ensure the curative effect of this treatment. What’s more, all those herbs in it are tested before applying to clinical, so this treatment can repair the kidneys without making further damage to the kidneys.

With this kind of treatment, that creatinine can be controlled well, kidney function can be restored, dialysis is not necessary for patients with this kind of condition anymore.

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