Is Pure Vegetarian Food Available to Help Patients Reduce High Creatinine Level

2016-05-12 14:20

Is Pure Vegetarian Food Available to Help Patients Reduce High Creatinine LevelIs pure vegetarian food available to help patients reduce high creatinine level? Kidney disease patients are aware of the huge importance of creatinine values for human bodies.If people’ s creatinine values higher than normal, then the human body will have different degrees of swelling symptom. And there is a great relationship between creatinine values and food in daily life. So

What food can affect the creatinine values of people?

First, too much salt in the food, easily lead to elevated creatinine, excessive salt intake can lead to poor metabolism of the kidney. Followed by seafood, high protein foods, excessive consumption will lead to increase the burden on the kidneys. The final step is the red meet in our daily consumption, such meat protein content will make poor metabolism kidney burden, increased creatinine.

What foods can help us creatinine values down?

Low-protein food should be the first choice for patients to reduce high creatinine. Then effective lower creatinine need to care about to take low-salt diet. Finally, control and grasp the amount of drinking.

According to that only depend on vegetarian food to control or reduce creatinine values is not enough for patients. Reasonable diet and proper treatment is the most effective method for reducing creatinine.

What treatment can help to reduce high creatinine except dialysis?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of safe treatment for kidney disease which can help patients to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function to reduce high creatinine level effectively. It is different from dialysis which has no side effects on patients and can also to avoid dialysis in some degree.

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