Foot Bath Therapy for Creatinine 630 After Kidney Transplant

2016-03-22 15:44

Foot Bath Therapy for Creatinine 630 After Kidney TransplantPeople who have accepted the Kidney transplant surgery should pay more attention on if the Creatinine rise up or not. Because if the creatinine goes up again, that means the new kidney is damaged over half of it yet. It is not a good sign for you kidney health.

According to the clinical studies, when half of the kidney damaged the creatinine level will goes up, a serious of kidney diseases and complication will appear. While this status is such common on the patients after kidney transplant. For this case, improve the kidney function of the transplanted kidney is the best way to prevent kidney far away from complications and the surgery again. There is no doubt that patients will curious about the functions of foot bath. Then they should know

What Is Foot Bath Therapy and How Does It Work?

Foot bath therapy is based on the function of foot bath with Chinese Traditional Medicine. Both of us should know that foot is the root of the essence. Foot bath therapy the use of drugs decoction, to soak their feet, bathing, and to stimulate the reflex zones and acupuncture points, were a therapy treatment of disease. This kind of therapy treat inner disease from the outer, with the help of Chinese medicine power and the hot power to achieve the goal of function: dredging the channel, regulate qi and blood, eliminate the toxins and waste.

High creatinine level is due to the too much toxins can not output, then it will rise the burden of kidney, once it more than the limit of kidney, damage will appear and creatinine level will go up. So help kidney to recover the function by itself is more safe and effective for patients.

This therapy is suitable for the patients which can discharge certain urine volume. If you want have one more chance to save your kidney, please send us an email to, or you can contact us with viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882. We will keep your privacy and try our best to help you.

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