Chinese Medicine Can Help PKD with High Creatinine

2016-02-06 17:22

Chinese Medicine May Help PKD with High CreatinineMy mother-in-law is a PKD patient with high creatinine, I want to know why PKD can cause so many symptoms ? And how to treat it? Is it really that Chinese medicine can treat it well for PKD patients?

why PKD can cause so many symptoms?

All of the informations show that her current condition already been severe and have progressed into renal failure. Because only at the advanced stage of kidney disease it will occur complications mainly with anemia, heart failure and high potassium. It was renal failure lead to the shrink of kidneys as well as complications like: renal anemia, hypertension and disorder of electrolyte, such as low calcium and high phosphorus. Besides, cysts will continue to damage her renal function.

How to treat PKD with many symptoms ?

We will use comprehensive treatments for her case. Firstly, she needs to keep a good state on daily diet, life as well as mood. Secondly, use some medications to assist the treatment, these medications can help her control and relieve those symptoms. Thirdly, while after the solution of symptoms, she needs to adjust her immunity and repair damaged renal intrinsic cells to achieve the goal of restoring her renal function gradually and elevating urine output as well as promoting the blood flow in her kidneys. Only in this way, her kidney disease can get recovery completely.

In general, the main treatment is Chinese Herbal Medicine and assisted with western medicine. With the help of this treatment, the kidney functions got repaired and improved after our specific Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment, so the disease can be delayed and the patient may avoid dialysis treatment.

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