Reasons of Creatinine Level Still High after Dialysis for CKD 4 Stage Patients

2016-01-14 16:38

Reasons of Creatinine Level Still High after Dialysis for CKD 4 Stage PatientsDear doctor. My friend is a CKD patient and his creatinine high up to 800. The doctor has put him under dialysis two times a week, but his creatinine level still keeps high? 

For a start, you should know that it can not improve renal function nor treat kidney failure at all. dialysis is only performed for two times a week. Therefore, a lot of toxins still linger in his blood. That is why his creatinine level is still higher while he is on dialysis. And then, dialysis machine is not as sophisticated as kidneys.

How to treat kidney failure without dialysis?

To treat his kidney failure, the first step is to eliminate those left toxins from his blood. When the blood in circulation is healthy, it not only can provide more useful substances and oxygen to kidneys, but also can reduce damage to other body organs and systems as blood flows throughout the whole body. After his blood purification, another important treatment step is to restore those impaired renal cells.

Kidney transplant is one treatment option for your friend. However, has he found a kidney donor? Even if he can find a kidney donor, he has to endure a lot of side effects of transplant like kidney rejection, lifetime use of immunosuppressive drugs, complications of those drugs etc. Meanwhile, the survival rate of kidney after ten years is very low.

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