Would Creatinine Level Increase Suddenly from 5 to 6.2

2016-01-14 16:18

Would Creatinine Level Increase Suddenly from 5 to 6.2Some kidney disease patients suffer from high Creatinine.Can Creatinine Level Increase Suddenly from 5 to 6.2? Read on and find the answers.If you have any other kidney problems,click online doctors.

Can Creatinine Level Increase Suddenly from 5 to 6.2

The answer is yes.Creatinine is one of the most significant data to provide specific results for doctors.Creatinine is a metabolic waste for our body.It has two access:Creatinine is the product of creatine which is contained in muscles.Another access is from food especially meat. As a kind of waste,creatinine needs to be removed out of the body by kidney.Therefore Creatinine is closely related to renal functions.Only does kidney functions decrease that creatinine level will be increased suddenly.Creatinine 6.2 is a serious stage which is near to accept dialysis.With high creatinine level,many complications in other symptoms are following.If Creatinine 5 is increasing to 6.2 suddenly, it also refers to losing renal functions.Without suitable measures,high creatinine patients will be forced to accept dialysis or kidney transplant which is very expensive.

Above all,we need to take immediate measures to treat increasing creatinine level.The measures contain two aspects:treatment and diet.

We’d better have less meat thus relieving heavy burden on kidney and kidney can be protected timely.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotehrapy may help you.

Expand blood vessels: expanding blood vessels provides enough blood and oxygen for kidney thus protecting remaining renal functions.

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