What Can We Do For Creatinine 300 Reduced To 100

2018-11-09 11:35

Creatinine 300,Creatinine 300 is the second stage of renal insufficiency, decompensation stage. Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscles, which is the waste produced by the body. It is excreted through the glomerulus. At present, it is precisely because of various reasons that cause glomerulosclerosis, vascular sclerosis, loss or decrease of detoxification function, which leads to the increase of creatinine.

Current treatment is very important, not just one or two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine can be cured. If only symptomatic control treatment, does not play a fundamental role in repairing damaged kidneys from the kidney, it will certainly be repeated and further aggravated in the future, inevitably to uremia.

Combining with the symptomatic control of Western medicine, oral Chinese medicine, promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals, invigorating spleen and kidney, replenishing essence and guyuan, improving the immune function of the body and restoring the balance of yin and Yang of the viscera.

The micro-Chinese medicine penetration therapy is targeted at the damaged kidney lesions. It can improve the ischemic and hypoxic status of kidney by expanding blood vessels, restore the blood supply of kidney, repair the damaged glomerular filtration membrane fundamentally from the kidney, reduce creatinine, avoid the progress of the disease, prevent recurrence and achieve clinical cure.

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