Any Effective Way to Reduce Creatinine in Type 2 Diabetes

2015-12-22 17:37

Any Effective Way to Reduce Creatinine in Type 2 DiabetesCreatinine is the end product of creatine in muscle. In normal condition, it is filtered out of body by kidneys. In type 2 diabetes, uncontrolled blood sugar can make your kidneys work harder to finish their job. Over time, it can cause gradual loss of renal function.

Creatinine 2.8 is higher than the normal level and it reveals that your kidneys have been impaired severely. Here are some ways which may help lower creatinine level.

* You should limit the intake of foods high in proteins. It can reduce the production of urea which can cause workload on kidneys. Therefore, your kidneys will not work so hard as before to filter other wastes and more creatinine will be removed by kidneys. Also, less intake of proteins can reduce the production of creatinine in blood. Additionally, lowering the intake of foods high in potassium, phosphorus, and sodium are also effective in reducing strain on your kidneys.

* In type 2 diabetes, kidney damage results from poor controlled blood sugar. Good control of your blood sugar can slow the progression of your kidney disease and creatinine level rising. Additionally, high blood pressure is a risk factor of renal function deterioration. Reducing blood pressure to 120/80 mmHg is beneficial to reduce damage to kidneys.

* High creatinine level is attributable to impaired tiny blood vessels in kidneys. In order to lower creatinine level and stop renal function decline completely, the only way is to restore the worn kidney structure and renal function. In this way, you will be able to delay renal failure or avoid it.

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