Chinese Herbs Remedies High Creatinine Level

2018-06-06 15:40

High Creatinine Level,Chinese HerbsSome Chinese Herbs help lower High Creatinine Levels naturally. Creatinine should be removed from the blood, when kidneys can work well. If Creatinine builds up in the body, it causes high creatinine level.

High creatinine level, if lasts for a long time, or we just call it Chronic High Creatinine Level, it is a sign of Kidney Function Decline.

Kidneys are important organs to remove the waste products from the body. They filter blood and eliminate the extra fluids and toxins from the blood, as well as keep the useful substances in the blood.

Creatinine is the by-products of muscular activity. In normal condition, it is removed by kidneys. Thereby, if you want to find the herbs for high creatinine levels, you can consult your herbalist for herbs that helps treat kidney damages.

Chinese herbs for Kidney Disease differ from person to person. A herbal formula may contain about 4~16 kinds of herbs. Usually, the mixed herbs treatment shows a better effect than single herb.

Here are some common herbs for Kidney Disease for your information.

Cinnamon: it is a good choice for kidney disease caused by Diabetes for it not only helps repair the kidney damages, but also lower blood sugar level.

Stinging Ginseng: it works to improve the kidney function and shows a great effects in lowering high creatinine levels naturally.

Ho Shou Wu: It gives a boost of energy and has a powerful reproductive function. While providing the kidney with its required strength it can also help recover from grey hair, reduces high cholesterol, blood pressure as well as arterial sclerosis.

Yin Yang Huo: This herb is commonly known as Horny Goatweed and helps to improve a number of health conditions. It has been found to be beneficial against urinary deficiencies which manifest themselves due to weaknesses in the kidney.

Personalized Treatments

Your treatment at Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute with an in-depth conversation. You do the talking, and I will listen. My analysis and diagnosis of your symptoms is then based on a thorough understanding of what you are experiencing. Our treatment plan is aimed at not simply alleviating symptoms but addressing the underlying causes.

These are just some common herbs for creatinine. There are some herb lists for Kidney Disease and High Creatinine Level for different Chronic Kidney Disease stages. Leave your CKD stage below and we are glad to share you the relative information.

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