What Chinese Medicine Is Used for High Blood Creatinine 5.2

2018-01-13 13:57

What Chinese Medicine Is Used for High Blood Creatinine 5.2In Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, the experts mainly take Chinese medicines to reduce high blood creatinine levels, which are effective and natural. What Chinese medicine is used for Creatinine 5.2?

As we all know, Chinese medicine can reduce high blood creatinine from the root cause through repairing kidney damage and restoring renal function. Through years of clinical experience, the doctors have invented a set of natural therapies based on Chinese medicines, collectively called Toxin-Removing Treatment, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath, foot bath therapy, steaming therapy, acupuncture therapy, etc.

These therapies are functioning to help purify blood since in kidney disease, there must be a large number of accumulations in blood to affect the medication efficiency and continue to damage kidneys.

After cleansing blood, the active ingredients of Chinese medicines can promote damaged kidney tissues and cells recovery, restore certain kidney function, and protect the residual renal function from further lost by the properties of expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation, degrading extracellular matrix, and providing nutrients and oxygen to kidneys. When your renal function improves gradually, your kidneys can discharge excess creatinine. High blood creatinine 5.2 will decreases fundamentally and naturally. Besides, other symptoms like poor appetite, poor sleep quality, nausea, vomiting can be alleviated gradually.

Nowadays, more and more patients would like to accept Chinese medicine treatments for improving their kidney function and living high quality life.

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