Chinese Medicine Treatment and Ketosteril Reduce Creatinine 432

2018-01-04 17:13

Chinese Medicine Treatment and Ketosteril Reduce Creatinine 432When a patient has high creatinine level 432 and doctor suggested Dialysis, must he take dialysis? Here we recommend the functions of Chinese medicine treatments and ketosteril in reducing Creatinine 432.

Can Ketosteril reduce high creatinine level 432?

To some extent, ketosteril indeed has great effect in controlling the symptoms temporarily. However, along with the decreased kidney function, creatinine and other levels show increasing trend. Based on this case, most patients are facing dialysis or waiting kidney transplant. Despite patients take years of ketosteril, their creatinine is increasing constantly, doctor will suggest dialysis.

Honestly speaking, western medicine like ketosteril just can remit the symptoms of CKD but cannot treat kidney disease from the root. Besides, long term of usage also causes some adverse effects.

How do Chinese medicine treatments reduce creatinine 432?

Choosing proper and effective remedy is very important and necessary. Kidney disease is one kind of blood pollution disease. The harmful substances invaded in body will cause kidney function disorder and the deposition of immune complexes and toxins. These depositions can cause kidney inflammation and kidney cells damage. Along with the damaged kidneys, they fail to function properly, causing increased creatinine levels.

Chinese medicines have the functions of expelling depositions in kidney cells and blood, improving blood circulation, blocking kidney inflammation and blood clotting, and giving enough nutrients and oxygen to kidneys. This is the correct direction of treatment. In this case, kidney lesions can be repaired gradually and your renal function also will improve correspondingly. High creatinine 432 will decrease naturally without dialysis or even transplant. Our treatments are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath, foot bath therapy, steaming therapy, acupuncture therapy, etc.

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