Advise to Lower High Blood Creatinine and Protein in urine Down

2017-12-16 11:41

Advise to Lower High Blood Creatinine and Protein in urine Down,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy“My husband has a persistent high blood Creatinine. His urinalysis result shows a trace in protein. What can you advice to lower high blood creatinine and protein in urine down?”

High blood creatinine and protein in urine

Both protein in urine and high blood creatinine is the common symptoms of CKD. In kidney disease, the kidneys fail to filter blood to remove the excess wastes like creatine from the body and maintain the necessary substances in the body like protein.

Along with the progression of CKD, proteinuria and creatinine level will get worse and worse. If ignored, a large amount of protein will leak out to turn back kidneys. At the same time, creatinine and other wastes will also damage the kidney tissues and even other organs of the body, forming a vicious circle.

What therapy can lower high blood creatinine and protein in urine down?

Take creatinine and proteinurina into consideration, natural therapy -- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy of Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute will be a perfect choice.

It is a combination of Chinese medicines and advanced medical equipment. It can help patients repair the damaged glomerili and other kidney tissues, cleanse blood to expel these wastes from the body, and improve a part of renal function through dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, and degrading extracellular matrix. In this way, it can reach the goal of lower down high creatinine level naturally and remit protein in urine radically to avoid relapse.

In order to increase the treatment efficiency, Osmotherapy can also combine other treatments together, such as Medicated Bath, Immunotherapy, Steaming Therapy, etc.

If you have high blood creatinine and high protein in urine, please take treatments in time to prevent deterioration of renal function. If you are interested in our natural Chinese medicine treatments, please email medical reports and phone number to or leave a message in the below form or click ONLINE DOCTOR for free guidance.

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