Is It a Necessity with Taking Kidney Transplant For CKD Patients

2015-12-16 15:45

Is It a Necessity with Taking Kidney Transplant For CKD PatientsIs it necessity with taking kidney transplant for CKD patients? Kidney transplant is used for patients with kidney failure, whose kidneys cannot work well to sustain their life. However, more and more alternative treatments come into our view, so you may ask: must I wait for Kidney Transplant, due to my Kidney Failure?

If you want to avoid kidney transplant, you need to find the treatments which can repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. When kidney functions restore and kidneys can work well enough to sustain your life, Kidney Transplant will not be necessary task for you to wait.

What are the alternative treatments to kidney transplant?

If you happen to be a person with Kidney Failure, you may be suggested to use more than one treatments to prevent or delay kidney transplantation.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine, as a traditional medical form, has always tried to observe the human body in its entire rather treat only parts of it. Many herbs and plants contain different properties, which show different functions in different diseases.

Some herbs and parts of animals can help deal with the damaged kidneys and improve the self-cure ability of damaged renal cells.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is another herbal remedy which develops on the basis of Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is designed for Kidney Disease in particular. Compared with traditional form, this therapy takes effects faster and greater.

Blood Purification

Blood purification is a group of techniques which help cleanse out the toxins in blood. Both Micro-Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine needs a period of time to take effects. Thereby, during this period, patients with severe kidney failure need blood purification to remove the toxins and build a basis for the following treatments.

Even though the mentioned treatments help prevent kidney transplant, it doesn’t work in every case. Whether you can be a candidate of these treatments, we need more of your medical details for a final dialysis. You can leave your medical story below for us.

If you have any question please ask email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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