Proper and Effective Treatment for CKD

2017-05-15 16:29

Proper and Effective Treatment for CKD,Toxin-Removing TreatmentIt is known that Chronic Kidney Disease is recognized one of the refractory diseases in clinic. Thus proper and effective treatments are necessary that can help patients live a better life.

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Well then, what is the proper and effective treatment?

In CKD, if you have High Creatinine or some other abnormal symptoms, your kidney has been damaged seriously, thus we should repair kidney damage from the root.

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, we use the combined treatment of Chinese medicines and western medicines.

Western medicines: They can inhibit the immune system to slow down immune inflammation response of our body. In this way, they can reduce the immune complexes production and accumulation to prevent kidney from further damage.

Because western medicines fail to treat kidney damage from the root and they can cause some side effects, such as anemia, gout, moon face, etc, simply taking western medicines can not treat kidney disorder effectively.

Chinese medicines: In our hospital, our experts have created innovative Toxin-Removing Therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can treat kidney disorder from the root to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function through expelling the extra toxins and wastes out of the body effectively and repairing the kidney lesion.

Chinese medicines combine with western medicines can treat kidney disorder fundamentally and slow down its progression to Kidney Failure. If you want to know more details about the radical treatments for kidney disorder, please leave a message in the below or email to Or consult us by other ways:

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