How to Treat Kidney Disease Effectively to Improve Kidney Function

2017-04-20 17:37

How to Treat Kidney Disease Effectively to Improve Kidney FunctionKidney Disease as a Chronic Disease, if there is no systemic and effective treatment schedule, just relieving the symptom, your disease will become worse and worse at last. Well then, how to effectively treat Chronic Kidney Disease?

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Here we recommend our unique Four “One” Therapy:

A bottle of Miakang Mixture: It can regulate blood circulation, provide oxygen and open the meridians and collaterals. It is a kind of Chinese patent medicine. Through improving blood circulation and warming meridians, it can clear the toxins away from the body.

A dose of Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy: It is a necessity for patients each day. It will be changed at any time according to the different illness condition and different treatment period.

A dose of external application Chinese medicine-- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: The Chinese medicines are micronized to put in two bags. Only with the help of professional device, this therapy can play the medicine effects fully. It mainly has four functions: anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, and dilating blood vessels. In this way, it can help achieve the goal of cleansing blood.

A basin of Foot Bath Therapy: This therapy is an important part of the four “one” therapy. It focuses on our feet acupoints to promote blood circulation and expel the toxins out of the body.

Four “One” Therapy is applied orally and externally together. The biggest function is to promote blood circulation and remove the blood stasis. In this way, it can increase your immunity, remove immune complexes and repair the kidney lesion.

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