Chinese Medicine Treatment-- Cupping is a Popular Treatment for People in the World

2016-11-16 15:41

CKD,Cupping Therapy,Chinese Medicine TreatmentBoth of us know about that now is the time for Olympic Games, which is the most exciting game and activity in the world. While during this period, most foreign people found some strange things on some athletes-- some deep purple circle marks appeared on them. Now I will tell you those marks are came from a kind of traditional Chinese medicine-- Cupping Therapy.

Cupping is a kind of treatment which uses some jars with the hot power to make it adsorbed on the skin, thus will lead to some congestion on skin which form into deep purple circle marks.

It is able to help people promote blood circulation and blood stasis, eliminate swelling and relieve pain, discharge the toxins in human body to give a more protection and recover for people.

Now I have to tell you that this kind of treatment is also suitable to treat for kidney disease, which is able to help kidney disease patients alleviate back pain or other pain. The function of cleaning toxins in blood can treat for kidney disease from root and help kidneys have more chance to get enough blood and nutrition supplement.

According to its function, our hospital use it to matched with other effective characteristic Chinese medicine treatments to treat for all kinds of kidney disease. All the medicine and tools have no side effects on patients, which is mainly help patients to clean toxins in blood and treat for disease from root. This kind of Chinese medicine treatment is also named as Toxin-Removing Therapy in our hospital.

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