Is There Any Therapy to Avoid Dialysis for ESRD Patients

2016-05-04 14:31

Is There Any Therapy to Avoid Dialysis for ESRD PatientsIs there any therapy to Avoid Dialysis for ESRD patients? If a person have serious kidney problem that the most common advice and treatment is Dialysis. There is no doubt that dialysis is the most direct and effective way which can alleviate kidney disease symptoms in a short time. While every coin has two sides.

Why people with kidney disease want to avoid dialysis?

As a matter of fact that dialysis need to take for a long time which means once patients start to take dialysis that they can not stop it. There are so many side effects on human bodies, with dialysis treatments more and more side effects will appear. The most common scene is that the urine values will become more and more less, even no urine output in the end.

This is an important sign about kidney function, less kidney function will have less urine output, in other words, with the dialysis treatment that kidney function will lose more and more. Serious damage on kidneys will lead to ESRD, and times of dialysis will increase.

How to treat for ESRD without Dialysis?

For ESRD patients, improving kidney function is the most important things for them to do. Dialysis for them is only the assistant treatment, that kidney transplant will be the last choice. If they want to delay kidney transplant and improve kidney function then they need some more effective treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of treatment which can help patients with kidney problems to repair kidney damage and supplement blood flow. That can make kidney cells have enough air and blood to survival and improve immune system of kidneys. So no further damage on kidney that kidney function can be improved naturally.

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