Is That Possible to Treat CKD from Its Root without Dialysis

2016-04-14 15:03

Is That Possible to Treat CKD from Its Root without DialysisIs that possible to treat CKD from its root without Dialysis? CKD in clinical diagnosis is glomerulonephritis, occult nephritis, pyelonephritis, allergic purpura nephritis, lupus nephritis, gout, kidney, iga nephropathy, nephrotic syndrome, membranous nephropathy, nephrotic syndrome, diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy , polycystic kidney disease, etc. When these onset of kidney disease protraction, more than three months, the patient urine and blood indicators related to abnormal renal pathology, or kidney glomerular filtration rate less than 60%, all these are called as CKD( Chronic Kidney Disease).

In most conditions that if chronic kidney disease can not have timely effective treatment, that will result in deterioration progress. With the prolonged course, patients with CKD will develop into chronic renal insufficiency, renal failure, and ultimately the formation of uremia( ESRD).

At present, the most effective and common way for CKD is Dialysis. This method can alleviate some symptoms of CKD in a short time. While there is a common scene that usually happen on patients with dialysis, with the treatment that urine will become more and more less. That means more and more kidney function was lost. So that patients need some other way as the alternative to dialysis.

What Way Can Alternative to Dialysis?

Stem Cell Therapy can uses the inherent stem cells to make up the lose part of kidney and improve the kidney function, thus will help the kidney discharge toxins and waste by itself without the help of dialysis.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy uses pure Chinese medicine to promote the blood circulation and blood stasis in order to improve the environment of blood vessels. Thus will keep the kidney have enough blood to work by itself.

Those two treatment can be used as the alternative to dialysis without side effects. You can send us an email to get what you want.

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